The Scar

September 11 is a scar on our collective hearts, and every year we pause to stare at our jagged wound. We remember where we were when it happened: the panic, the sadness, the disbelief. The children looked at the adults for an explanation. The adults looked to the TVs. We watched people fight. We watched […]

When the First Draft is Done

What do you do next? I’ve been working on the first draft of my novel for months. Every morning I’ve woken up and known exactly what I was going to work on. I had an established storyline, a goal, an outline. There was something very clear that I was working towards. And now, it’s done. […]

The Grey Trailblazer

Every day it wasn’t there. She looked at her face every day, usually multiple times a day- then again, she only actually looked at her face once and awhile. Because she knew what was there. She didn’t like to dwell. Well, she thought she knew. She stared harder into the mirror, defying it to be true, […]

ISO: Wonder

In just a couple of days I’ll be leaving on a trip to Italy. “What’s in Italy?” my coworker asked me. “My dreams,” I replied. I’ve been wanting to go to Italy since I was a little girl, watching Rick Steves and other travel shows on PBS. I marveled at the beauty of the place, […]

A Fall Walk

The deep, clean smell of rotting earth  comforts me. With every crunch of leaves under my feet, with every fresh release of chlorophyll breaking down, I’m pulled further back into my childhood. I remember those adventures into the woods, and they flash through my mind like a movie highlight reel. I close my eyes and […]

Writer’s Block

Leave it to a group of authors to name something so appropriately. So, you’re moving along on this story, right? For days, weeks, months. Every morning you’re up, you’re plugging away, time passes mercilessly fast as you try to cram every thought, every word, into the time you have available to translate a world from […]

Fall in Summer

Summer whisked through her secluded sanctuary like a storm cloud in a hurry to obscure the sky. Swift and warm, is skated through time without incident, pleasantly forgettable. It was exactly warm: warm enough that she forgot about the weather all together. And so it passed. She was mindful of the shifting winds. One morning […]